Androidacy API v7 is here!

We know, we know. We’ve been teasing it for ages (hey, marketing made us, ok????), for months even. But we are so very excited to announce the next major iteration of the Androidacy API is here at last!

Androidacy API v7 has a whole lot of changes – for users, for devs, for us, and for our partners across the board. Without any more teasing, let’s dive on in. There’s a lot to cover!

All bout that speed

Speed, performance, reaction time, response time, whatever you call it – we’ve been working really hard to get that as low as possible. That means less loading screens, more reliability, and more. We wanted good performance so bad, our lead developer insisted on delaying the launch three times just so we could really nail that down.

And boy, have we. In our testing, response time was cut from the 400-600ms on our old API to 90-150ms for our new. That’s a lot! That means you’ll wait less to do more.

How’d we do it? Simple – we cut out the dead code, reworked the very core, and brought on more experienced developers. Technical debt is no joke, and sadly our old codebase had a lot of it. Ever heard that story about a developer leaving a company, and not telling anyone how to work with their codebase? That was us. But no more. Featuring the very latest technologies, running on new, more powerful servers, we’ve eeked out every last drop of performance we can.

Speaking of new servers – Androidacy is happy to say we’re now running on Google Cloud’s ARM offering, saving us expense so we have more money to pay our developers, and giving us more performance more dollar. This has allowed us to cut operations costs up to 33%, and add more servers in Europe and North America.

New features

We’re excited to announce we’ve laid the framework for module devs to use our API in their own modules for module integrity verification, updates independent of manager, and more. Stay tuned for documentation on how to use them!

We’ve also revamped authentication, improved caching, and created many new private use endpoints.

New subscriptions

As time has gone on, it’s gotten increasingly obvious Patreon was not the platform for us. While they undoubtedly have an excellent platform driving revenue for many of the world’s best creators, we fast realized that their API and platform just wasn’t working for us. From complaints of users having trouble linking accounts, to the whole fiasco where Patreon decided to suspend our page, it’s been a rocky road. We decided to do it ourselves, and we’re happy with the results.

Introducing our in-house subscription! Featuring cheaper pricing due to less fees, deeper integration with the Androidacy API and our ecosystem, and a completely seamless on-website experience, we welcome the endless possibilities this brings us. And for a limited time, new subscribers get 25% off their first month! Just use code LAUNCH25 at checkout – but hurry, this offer ends in a month on September 23rd. Existing Patrons have received a code for 50% off as well.

Subscribe Now!

What the Androidacy API update means for you

Alright, I know, what’s in it for you?

We’ll be working on updates to our modules in the coming days, as we weren’t able to meet our v7 launch deadline and instead chose to postpone the shutdown of the old API. We’re also working with our partners to update their integrations as well. We hope to see Fox Magisk Module Manager updated in the coming days, and we wish the developer well and a fast recovery in his health.

The update is live on our web experience, however. Go forth and experience it on our web modules repo, the font previewer, or the downloads page (which works now – yay!) and see it for yourself.

What else we’ve been doing

We’ve also been doing a lot of growing. From new servers, to hiring more developers, and bulking up our moderation and PR team, we’ve been doing what it takes to keep up with our growth.

We admit, it’s been a bumpy ride, but we’re glad you’re here with us. And hey, stick around, we’ve got exciting things coming! Until next time, we hope to see you in the community.

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