Updates and more – May Edition

Updates and more

Welcome to our latest roundup of the latest updates to Androidacy services and products! We’re glad you joined us, as we have some exciting new features to share with you.

Without further ado, let’s dive on in!

Magisk Modules Repo Updates (and more!)

We’ve reworked the API backend for the Magisk Modules Repo to be more extensible, faster, and feature rich. Most responses are now served in under 250ms – that’s a quarter of a second folks – which should make apps using it feel so much faster. That;s a significant improvement over our old 400ms, which we acheived by reducing database calls, moving more objects to an in-memory cache, and optimizing our scaling framework to scale faster and better.

We’ve also added a slew of new features!

New repo updates

We’ve added quite a few long awaited feaures, along with the usual slew of new modules. To our new module devs – welcome! To our old ones – thanks for sticking with us!

Once big feature I’m excited to announce is server side sorting. Our web app already makes use of this, and Fox’s Magisk Module Manager shouldn’t be far behind. MOving the sorting logic server side has allowed us to add several new sorting methods. You can search ascending or descending by name, author, average rating, download, and last updated – all done server side, so no heavy crunching has to happen on your device.

Did we say rating? Yes, you read that right! Users can now leave reviews on modules. You will find the review form on the module info page (brought up by clicking the download button). Now, users can post their thoughts about a module, and devs can get important feedback.

Users can also report modules. That means if a module exhibits undesired behavior they can report it directly to us. This includes a module being outright malicious, adware, or otherwise unsavory. We understand our review process may not be perfect, so we wanted to ensure users can report directly to us to allow us to take speedy action. Note this feature is only available to 5% of users currently, but we hope for a global rolllout soon.

We’ve also redesigned the web experience for a more minimalistic feel and less clutter. This includes adding a featured modules section – so you know what’s hot and what’s not!

We’re also looking for module devs to beta test! Head to @AndroidacySupport on telegram to get more info if you are interested. We’ve got some cool feautres in store, like module analytics, reports, update management, paid modules, and more!

Visit the web app

Font Manager

Font Manager has 4 new fonts, and several sets of emojis including JoyPixels and Twenmoji have been updated to the latest. Thanks for everyone who submits font requests! We’re still working on sorting through all the requests, so if you haven;t received an email about your font request at the email you provided on the form, bear with us!

WebView Manager updates

We’re working on new features for webview manager, but we can’t share much as of yet! Stay tuned though, we’re really excited about things we should have ready by this summer!

GitLab instance deprecation

Unfortunately, we made the difficult decision to take down our GitLab instance. We had to make this decision due to lack of usage and legal issues concerning the instance. No replacement is planned, and we encourage users to use or

That’s all for now! Stay tuned on our blog for more updates as they come.

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