Managers, Repos, and Updates – Oh My!


Managers, Repos, and more!

We are extremely pleased to announce a handful of updates, both to our modules and Module Repository!

We have the usual housekeeping, along with a few new tricks up our sleeve. Module maintainers will be happy to know they no longer need to ask themselves how their module is going to be kept up to date without the main repo!

Common changes:

  • Update the shell API library to 2.1 or higher
  • Optimize backend API for speed and introduce an X-Androidacy-Cache header to identify requests served from cache – which more requests should be, resulting in faster response times!
  • Update the JavaScript API library to v2 or newer
  • General code standards and optimization.

Font Manager changes

  • Add a couple new fonts
  • Update most emojis to Unicode 13
  • Fix the semicolon in a couple fonts
  • Fix lists update checks

Font Manager v5.3.1 is live on our module repository now!

WebView Manager changes

  • Fix for webviews not always downloading the correct version
  • Fix for browser update checks
  • Optimize the post-install process
  • Ensure the install failure page isn’t shown when an update is found for the module

WebView Manager v10.2.1 is live on the repository as well.

Modules Repository updates

So it finally happened – a Magisk canary was released. Of course, this release no longer has MagiskHide or the deprecated Modules Repository. We thought it an appropriate time to release the update we’ve been working on for days now.

  • Say goodbye to outdated modules! All modules now have our API client and update checker bundled automagically! It’s magic! (our developers would like us to remind you it actually isn’t)
  • Modules will now launch the appropriate download page and cancel install when they’re not up to date
  • UI/UX updates to keep the interface fresh
  • Ad-free should now be properly respected – sorry again to our loyal supporters!
  • Provide more useful information when showing a download confirmation. Everybody likes information, right?
  • Fix module search – we let a cat get in while coding and they messed it all up.

What are you waiting for? Head to the official Androidacy Modules Repository to check out all this and more!

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