Install Failure (Magisk)

How to troubleshoot

So one of our modules failed to install, and now this damn page keeps popping up. Don’t you hate that?

Well, before telling us it doesn’t work, please follow a few simple steps – do not skip this, we will know if you tried!

Are you using a VPN? If so, try disabling it.
Are you using custom/blocking DNS? If so, make sure and it’s subdomains are not being blocked. We may use several endpoints, so it’s safest to make sure all of our domain is whitelisted.
Are you in a restrictive country with strict internet policies/and or firewall? You may need to use a VPN.
Are you connected to the internet? All of our modules require internet connectivity for update checks, integrity verification, and API usage.
Are you using official Magisk stable, beta, or canary? Only official versions of Magisk are supported, and only the latest version of each channel is supported! Magisk Lite, Magisk Alpha, and similar will receive no support or testing from us.
Are you using a heavily modified OEM ROM? MIUI, OneUI, ColorOS, etc., are all supported on a best-effort basis. Our modules work best with ROMs that stick close to AOSP or LineageOS.

Still can’t resolve?

You have several options to get in touch with us. We recommend reaching out via Telegram before opening a GitHub issue.

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