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New blog #post published!

Webview Manager 10

#WebviewManager #update #stable
New blog #post published!

Font Manager v5

#FontManager #MagiskModule #update #stable
ℹ️ Our network adminstrator is currenly working on removing the old api. This means, in a couple hours or so, old modules will cease to work

If you have not done so already, please migrate to the new, updated modules ASAP.

In addition, as there seems to be some confusion about this, remember: pre Oreo is not supported anymore. Thanks for your understanding!
📣 We released two bugfix updates to WebView Manager and Font Manager respectively.

Both are reasonably small updates but we hope to have addressed a handful of the recent issues.

[Download here]
New blog #post published!

Font Manager 5.1.7

#font_manager #magisk_module #stable
New blog #post published!

Webview Manager v10.0.5 Release

#magisk_module #stable #update #Webview_Manager
New blog #post published!

Recent Magisk developments

#magisk #update
We are currently performing an api upgrade. Please be patient with us.

Current versions of modules will not work. We estimate to have an update ready by tonight.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!
New blog #post published!

WebView Manager 10.1.2 – Release Notes

#magisk_module #stable #update #Webview_Manager
New blog #post published!

Font Manager 5.2.1 – Release notes

#font_manager #magisk_module #stable #update
The API is undergoing planned maintenance.

We don't forsee any downtime although requests may be processed slower.

Thanks for your patience!

EDIT: Maintenance complete!
ℹ️ Hey, noticed our website's undergone a facelift? It has!

Check it out! And while you're there, check out a couple announcements our sneaky website designer stuck in there 👀

We'll continue updating the pages to reflect our site changes as we go.

🗣 Are you keeping an eye on our status page?

Remember that's the only place we'll post API and website issues.

In fact maybe there's an incident going on right now? Probably should check that out!
We've confirmed that the issue with WebView Manager not actually downloading the latest version has been resolved.

However, you'll need to delete /sdcard/WebViewManager entirely because the version was not able to be bumped - meaning the module may not pick up the latest version automatically this time. Future updates should have no problem.

Thanks for your understanding and patience!

P.S. If you're having issues like "API unreachable", please read the previous post.
New website and/or API status update published!

More info:
Planned maintenance in a couple minutes!

More info:
Announcing the Androidacy Modules Repository
#magisk #magisk_module #modules_repo

Androidacy is very pleased to announce the Androidacy Modules repository, the slick, user friendly, in-house alternative and future replacement for the old Magisk Modules Repository!…