We’re glad you decided to give webview manager a try!

Before installing, please make sure you have a good internet connection. Almost no part of webview manager works without one.


The Magisk Manager app no longer has a repo section, so you’ll have to use one of two other ways.

For the web repo, the link provided will link directly to the module. Hit the download button, review your selection, and press download.

For FoxMMM, you’ll have to make sure the Androidacy repo is enabled (it is by default on non f-droid installs) and search for “webview manager”.

Installing the downloaded file

If you downloaded from our website, you’ll have to install from Magisk Manager. Here’s how:

  • Download the file (if you haven’t already) and note the file name
  • Open Magisk Manger
  • Go to the modules tab
  • Go to install from storage
  • Select the file from Downloads.
  • Install should continue normally

For FoxMMM, install is mostly automatically taken care of for you. If prompted, select install module instead of download module.

Options during install

The installer needs input from you to complete install. For simplicity and ease of use, selections are done via volume keys, and experimental support for a config file fallback is included.

During install, volume up selects the current option, and down moves to the next option. Please read each prompt carefully.

Once the installer has the required information from you, it’ll download the necessary extra files and perform other installation steps.

Finishing up

After install reports success, go ahead and reboot your device. After rebooting, provided everything went well, you’ll see your chosen webview and browser, if selected.