If you have not followed the steps in the installation section, please do so now!


Font Manager REQUIRES internet access and will not open without it. The majority of functionality requires contact with the Androidacy API.

If you get connectivity errors while using, make sure * is not blocked by your DNS or your ISP – we need to be able to reach our servers.

For our Patrons: your Patreon subscription unlocks fast downloads (not throttled at 1MB/s) in font Manager too! Simply head to your profile page, locate the API token section, and follow the instructions there. Please note that fast downloads require your subscription to be $5 or more a month.

Opening Font Manager

Font Manager does not install an app currently. We use what’s called a TUI (Terminal User Interface). Don’t panic – this does not mean you need knowledge of how to use the terminal or anything advanced. It just means that you’ll need an extra app to use Font Manager.

You’ll need to make sure you have a terminal emulator installed. We recommend the excellent TermUX app – it’s free and easy to use. Instructions for install can be found on the linked page. The rest of this document assumes that you’re using TermUX but should be easily adaptable to most terminal emulators.

Once you’ve got that installed – or if you already have it installed – open it by tapping the icon on your home screen. If this is the first launch, it may take a moment to bootstrap itself – give it a minute.

Once you are presented with a screen that shows the welcome to TermUX message, type in su -c manage_fonts (exactly that, click to copy it). Once you see the menu, you’ve got Font Manager open! If you see any error messages, check your internet connectivity and try reinstalling the module.

Main Menu

On the main screen, you’ll see several options to choose from. Each is pretty self explanatory, but we’ll touch on each briefly.

Change fonts

This will bring up a list of fonts to choose from. More on navigating that list later.

Change emojis

This will bring up a list of emojis to choose from.

Apply custom font or emoji


Experimental feature to use your own font and emoji files. This option is not fully supported, and we cannot help you if your fonts don’t work!

Revert to stock

This option reverts ALL font and emoji selections.

Reboot to apply changes

If you’ve made any changes, choose this option to reboot your device, which is required to actually apply those changes. Changes are not made live for stability.

Preview fonts, Donate, Help and support

These all open the relevant pages on our website.


Exits font manager.

Change fonts/emojis

Once you’ve selected the appropriate menu option, the module will show you a list of available fonts.There’s a lot, so be sure to use our font prevewer beforehand to check out which one you want.

If you don’t see the font on the first page, hit the return/enter button (it’s below your backspace/delete one!) to go to the next page. At any time, you can type x to go back to the main menu or q to fully quit. Type the number beside the font when you find the one you want, then press enter to start the install process.

Same process applies to emojis as well.

Custom fonts/emojis

This is an experimental feature at this point, and we cannot guarantee full functionality. We advise you to request fonts on the font previewer page instead!

Select the menu option and follow the on-screen instructions.

Revert changes

Need to easily remove all fonts and emojis without uninstalling Font Manager? Select the menu option, and then reboot. Easy as that!

Reboot to apply changes

As stated before, all changes require a reboot to fully take effect. We hook into Magisk’s own process to update modules for font and emoji changes for maximum safety.

Please note live changes are not possible and are no longer supported to prevent crashes. Some poorly designed Android versions will crash if a font is changed while the system is running.

Further reading

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