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We have some news

Long time, no post!

We’re pleased to announce the transition of Webview Switcher (soon to be renamed), Fontifier, and maintaining several ROMs and custom recoveries has passed into the team here at Androidacy.

The old maintainer has been extremely helpful in the transition, and we’d like to thank her for that. But alas, we must move on now: to producing even better products for your everyday enjoyment.

Why did this happen?

The old maintainer no longer has the time or resources to manage, develop, or test due to specific circumstances (for privacy’s sake, we cannot disclose why here), and asked us to continue development. She will stay on to provide direction for the project for the time being!

Who’s this “us” anyway?

Glad you asked. We’re a six person team currently, with a network admin, systems admin, two developers, our website maintainer, and our project lead.

Note: This list has been removed due to a request we received. For more details on the request, email

What’ll happen now?

We’ll continue to develop the projects she started (with a massive update to Webview Switcher in the works already!), and start new ones. Stay tuned for exciting new developments.

As of this time,, we have no intention of making any current offering paid, and any offerings that are currently Open Source we currently have no plans to close source of. In other words: nothing to worry about, but better things are a-comin’!

We hope to interact with you in the future, and look forward to developing for and working with our users! Leave any thoughts in the comments, and don’t forget to check out our other posts.

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