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Welcome to the redesigned Font Previewer by Androidacy. It’s still in beta, so it may have a few bugs. Check back every few days, we’re always updating this page to keep it fresh.

Keep in mind, this page is primarily tested in Chrome and chromium based browsers. Other browsers such as Firefox have limits that may or may not impact usage of this page. Internet Explorer is not supported whatsoever.

Each button shows a list appropriate to it’s name. Click on an item in the list to get a preview.

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5 Comments on “Font Previewer”

  • Vladi69


    Dear dev,
    great job!
    I like this magisk module, easy solution to manage and customize android fonts.
    Could you please add the code for any font in the preview to run in the Terminal emulator?

  • John


    Lock screen clock with Google Sans has bugs, can you fix it please?

  • Douglas


    Google Sans font is missing some characters. Please fix. I’m using Xiaomi Mi A3 Android 11

  • Anton


    Good job

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