Descendant relationship announcement

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descendant logo

We are extremely pleased to announce that we are now working with Descendant! This relationship will allow us both to expand and develop, while continuing to maintain our separate products.

What is “Descendant”, anyway?

A generation’s hopes and dreams. The future. The one and only. A wild thrillride you’ll never forget.

Okay so maybe that’s an exaggerated description. Let’s try that again. *clears throat*

This ROM is an aftermarket android ROM, endeavouring to provide a great Out of Box (OOB) experience, from the gorgeous, hand designed interface, to small touches such as Descendant Health, to battery management done better. Descendant has always had the goal of being the only ROM you’ll ever need.

While it is true that it lacks some of the buttons and toggles it’s more cherry-picking cousins may have, it has the essentials: AOD (Always On Display) customization, theming, battery health improvements, Face Unlock, and mirror.

Here’s some screenshots showing what it looks like:

  • Descendant
  • Descendant
  • Descendant
    Notification UI
  • Descendant
  • Descendant
    Settings [1]
  • Descendant
    Settings [2]
  • Descendant
    AOD Settings
  • Descendant
    Descendant Health

What this means for Androidacy

We’re going to be helping Descendant with their backend, such as their downloads page, along with basic server maintenance.

We hope to gain knowledge and experience we will then put into the products you know and love!

Currently there are no plans for Androidacy to take over Descendant itself, nor any plans for the opposite.

Huge thanks to Francesco (Dil3mn4) for everything he has done with Descendant, and also to their current sysadmin Sergio (linuxct) for helping with the transition (the latter assures us that no, they will not rm -rf / their servers anytime soon).

We look forward very much to working with their team, and know they feel the same!

Stay tuned for exciting new developments and device releases.

Wait. What device releases?

Thoughts? Drop ’em in the comments, or use one of the buttons to navigate our website below.

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