A saddening update

It’s hard writing posts like this.

I joined the Androidacy team a few months ago, agreeing to be a blog writer and website maintainer. While some restructuring has been going on, and the insults directed by some users at the team have not been encouraging, the work was good, easy, and I was working with an amazing team.

Alexandria was one of the best. She had her dark moments and not every decision she made was right nor did I agree with everything being done, but she was a genuinely kind person and offered me generous pay (which I, being the amateur I consider myself, rejected).

Tonight, I learned that Alexandria attempted to end her own life.

She was lucky enough to likely survive because a friend of hers realized something was up and was able to get her to a hospital, but nonetheless it breaks my heart she tried. Nobody should ever have to feel that low nor lose someone they love just as life is getting tough.

I, and everyone on the team, are hoping for her and sending her our love, and I hope you are too. Needless to say, all updates and projects are on hold until we know her status and she’s back with us.

From everyone at Androidacy, we send all of you the love we can offer in this cruel, cold world.

EDIT: The team has decided that all subscription revenue for now will be diverted to help pay for her hospital bills. In addition, we are accepting donations via PayPal.

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